About Me

A little obsessed with gaming and my mobile

Welcome to a strange world where my day goes from banking clerk to war veteran or super hero. I have an incredibly dull day job but once the shackles are off and I am on my bike on the way home my mind goes from facts and figures to a world of make believe where anything is possible.

I have a number of games consoles and am a fanatic of shoot um ups and war games with Battlefield probably being my favourite of all time games. Whilst the first battlefield is a distant completed memory I just cannot get enough of the latest releases and spend a stupid amount of my measly salary on funding this world of adventure.

Not one of these saddos though

You might have me down as a pimple laden weirdo and some may think me strange but I am not one of these stay in my room and play all week types. I am also a keen sports fan and participant and love to go out with my mates at the weekend (and sometimes on a school night!).
I do have the occasional spot but I am not your stereotypical gamer, I can’t be dealing with live in game headpieces or any of that nonsense and the most sociable I get whilst gaming is when a few of the boys come over for a Fifa and beers night in.

Football is my poison

Three times a week I done my shorts and run out for a couple of five a side teams and a sunday league outfit. Sundays are a tough one and 90% of the time I play whilst under the influence but most people agree I play better that way as not even I know which direction the ball will go in from my foot.
These are my ramblings I hope you enjoy!

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