Time to pick up my slate signs

I had to chose signage and picked slate signs for our project

Slate signs were ordered but I had to wait

I recently ordered some slate signs for work as part of a project to smarten up an area of the building that saw important clients visiting on a regular basis. It is something that the company had been thinking about for a while along with other work that needed to be done there.

My boss talked to me about this project and asked if I wanted to oversee it and help organise the contractors and companies to do the work.
To be honest I jumped at the chance as it was something different to do and sounded like it would take up a fair bit of my time over a few weeks and be interesting to get involved with.

Organising workforce and getting slate signs designed

My first task was to get the contractors quotes and pick a company to do each part of the work. We needed to interview the prospective companies and get three quotes for each part of the work. Once the quotes were in they let me choose the winning bids with a bit of help and that was pretty rewarded as I had figured they would make all the calls.
One of my first tasks was to get the design work done on each part of the project and get plans or drawings of how each bit would look. We got designs from landscapers, builders and a sign making company and each bit looked amazing.
The slate signs I chose were really nice and the company had even brought different material samples for me to chose from and once that was done and ordered I moved onto the minor building and landscaping jobs and finalised those too.

Work commissioned including the slate signs

From my shortlist I picked the other contractors to do the work and we set dates between the three companies to ensure the work flowed well and they were all on site when they needed to be. I had to ensure they were on time and ready to do there bit and even overt a few disasters along the way.
It was also left to me and my responsibility to sign off each part of the work and although my manager did check to he pretty much left me to my own devises in regards to decisions. The whole project took about a month to complete and the finished job looks really good.
All the senior management team have been down to congratulate me on a job eel done and that was probably the best part of the project as some of those are people that have never had a conversation with me before this week.
Hopefully I will get to do a few more of these project led concepts to work on as I have enjoyed doing this one. Organising design work on the slate signs and picking out plants etc for the landscapers was good fun and I would like to do more of this kind of stuff where I am left to my own devises to get on with something. http://www.stonesign.com